About Tessen Media

Tessen Site was founded in 2021 by long-time alumni of more niche Tessen communities. The site was created with one clear-cut mission in mind: To be a one-stop destination for coverage of all games in the broad Tessen genre – East or West, Console, Handheld, PC or Mobile, Paid or Free. We aim to be the only resource any Tessen gamer will need for information and opinion on their favorite genre. We know the genre inside-out and lavish every game we cover with only the best and most knowledgeable quality writing about it.

Much of our audience is just like us – they know Tessen and they know what they like. We’re here to serve the hardcore and the Tessen newcomer alike – and hope to provide guidance on just how to squeeze the most this incredible genre. We aim to be the best at what we do – and what we do is Tessen.

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